“Tinge Garden”

My grandmother’s garden, with its host of a thousand different-coloured flowers, is where I grew up and discovered the world around me. This special place was the inspiration for the garden in my imagination, Tinge Garden, where the love of babywearing, a passion for beautiful fabrics, humour and artistic creation come together in a joyous medley.

A pioneering company in France

Launched at the end of 2013, Tinge Garden was the first French brand to offer handmade babywearing wraps in limited editions.

I’ve always been passionate about authentic objects, created by the hands of expert craftspeople. Moreover, I’ve always wanted to create babywearing wraps that have a story behind them, and through which this story can be told.

Artisan production

I draw my inspiration from the ancestral culture of Hungary, my native land. By creating babywearing wraps, I can use traditional patterns as a basis for my designs. It was only natural, therefore, that I should ask Hungarian craftspeople to create my products.

A whole network of professionals is involved in creating Tinge Garden wraps, from the very first pencil stroke to the shipping of the finished products. Spinners, dyers, textile designers, graphic designers, weavers, textile finishers, couturiers and printers: each specialist brings heritage in the form of traditional techniques, a passion for their craft, and a desire to protect the planet.

Environmental protection

In a world that encourages overconsumption, I have deliberately chosen to keep my company small and to produce modest quantities.

Environmental protection is a priority for me and is part of every step in the creation and manufacturing processes. Tinge Garden suppliers, raw materials and dye are carefully selected, fabric offcuts and other surplus raw materials are reused, and the finished products are sent using recyclable packaging via carbon-neutral shipping.

The joy of babywearing

Aesthetics, quality and comfort are the three characteristics at the heart of Tinge Garden creations.

The colours, materials and weaves are always brought together with passion to create stunning fabrics especially designed for babywearing. The chosen weaving techniques guarantee the well-being and comfort of both the child and the wearer.

The joy of sharing

Babywearing is an exchange between the child and the wearer. This is why it is so important for me to co-operate with contemporary artists from various fields.

It brings me such joy to know that throughout the world, babies are being held close to their parents, in a wrap created with love and respect, inspired by a pretty Hungarian flower like those found in my childhood garden.


Creator, dreamer and mother.

Tinge Garden Values

Creativity, craft, cooperation, and waste reduction are the values behind Tinge Garden. We are sometimes left with offcuts when we make Tinge Garden wraps. These long ribbons of fabric are collected by a local craftsperson and used in their handwoven rugs. This is a creative and collaborative way to limit waste.

People often say that the colours in Tinge Garden wraps are unique. This is no accident – the majority of colours we use are the result of the bespoke dyes we order. The craftspeople I work with are masters of creativity and are willing to work with all different sources of inspiration: a photo cut out from a magazine, a pretty leaf found during a walk, some old embroidery discovered in my grandmother’s chest…

Using my inspiration, they work on different dye combinations and send me small samples attached to a plain piece of paper. I take this piece of paper everywhere with me. I take my time, examining it in every kind of light before choosing MY colour.

Each dye is unique. Each Tinge Garden model is the fruit of cooperative work between creative and committed artists. This is why I can only release each model once… unless I find a tiny amount of thread forgotten at the back of the storeroom.

Since the start of the Tinge Garden adventure, I have felt it only natural to create a matching bag for each model. In a way, it is the finishing touch to the creative process, and I am proud to have inspired other brands in this respect (among others). Although it requires a certain amount of organisation and sometimes delays the release of the matching wrap, this tradition is very close to my heart.

I am so grateful to have the chance to work with talented designers who create the illustrations for the bags.